Join Our Growing Family of Patriot Pastors

Dear Pastors,

Our Christian Organization is inviting you and your church to connect with us and  J6 Inmates who are desperate for prayers and support. We hope to connect a communitiy of pastors to our defendants for prayer, spiritual leadership, encouragement, and support.  We wish to share to keep you in the loop as to what is happening behind bars to these inmates.

We are also working with other organizations who are fighting for fairness and justice for so many who are falsely accused and held under severe persecution inside the jail system. Most of these defendants are no charged for criminal behavior, but have been denied constitutional rights, due process, and bail. They have been imprisoned, many in solitary confinement, for close to two years while denied family visits and incoming mail. More than the abuse they are experiencing, they are being emotionally tortured in extreme ways.  It is demoralizing and dehumanizing to say the very least.  We are calling  on the church to pull together communities and place these defendants and their families on a nationwide prayer chain. Please take a moment and sign our petition to end the unconstitutional imprisonment of the January 6th defendants.  We would also greatly appreciate you bringing this petition to your congregation’s attention.

Ephesians 6:12 directs us as we know we are being attacked by corruption on many levels. Our battle is not against people, but it is a spiritual battle being influence by evil. We hear from our Lord that it is time to wake up from our slumber and prepare for the spiritual  battle we are facing.  Lord willing, this will propel the greatest spiritual revival the world has ever seen.

We have heard from the Lord that it is not yet time for the day of the Lord. He remains in control and instructs us to pray hard and true in the most genuine determination of heart asking only for His favor and blessing over this nation as He intends to take it back.  We pray that this letter finds favor with you under the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, our redeemer, deliverer, and rescuer for His Glory and purpose.

Please view our website We invite you to sign up for Pastoral Prayers and support. We also would like to invite anyone in congregation to sign up on our website to become a Prayer Warrior.  Our goal is to develop teams of Prayer Warriors networked all over this “One Nation under God.”

Sincerely with a Grateful Heart,