03/02/2021 10:58 AM EST
Updated: 03/02/2021 11:21 AM EST

The FBI has found no evidence so far that far-left groups such as Antifa participated in the violent mob of President Donald Trump supporters who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 despite persistent conspiracy theories, the bureau’s director said Tuesday, adding that racially motivated violent extremists – white supremacists – and members of militant groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers represent the preponderance of people arrested. In my opion they are Domestic Terrorist, says Wray.

The effort has also uncovered increasingly dark and well-coordinated plans by Trump supporting extremist paramilitary groups, including the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, dozens of whom descended on Washington and participated in the siege.


– 1:37 User DOGbackwards admits to wearing Trump gear to remain undercover.
– 1:46 John Sullivan: “We are going to counter-protest that shit.” 12/29/20
– 2:14 User ‘deaththreat’ points himself out, says there was large group of anti-trumpers
– 2:23 Screenshot shared of John Sullivan Calling For ‘Civil War’ and ‘Revolution’
– 2:34 Sullivan Says ‘They can catch a bullet if they try some shit’
– 3:33 User ‘Kang’: “There were tons of Antifa but why would they rat themselves out?”
– 6:37 User ‘Hal Red KCMO’ calls Sullivans out as feds
– 9:11 User ‘deaththreat’: “We had him in Trump gear delivering water for us in front
– 9:33 Flyer telling people bring ballistic vests and tactical gear
– 10:12 Everyone wondering how people can be charged when Capitol Police let them in
– 10:25 ‘Antifa Strike Bot’ promotes Insurgence USA accounts, solicits donations.
– 11:18 User ‘deaththreat’ shares picture of hammer and sickle.

MORE NEWS: Ballot Trafficking NGO Exposed: Largest & Oldest Org In The Country, Founded
By Saul Alinsky – Nick Moseder [VIDEO] – 11:32 User ‘Hippie’: “VIOLENCE IS NECESSARY”
– 12:48 JaydenX says “Sweet let’s do it” to member ‘deaththreat’ who claims “i will be down
there as well getting footage and doing various activities.”
– 12:49 User ‘deatthreat’ telling ‘hobbitt’ about how they met in D.C. but he couldn’t show his
face for his own safety
– 13:18 User ‘hobbitt’ praises Black Panthers, says they “left ALL of us: Head Start, WIC, and
the ability to mobilize.”
– 13:22 John Sullivan says he will be writing a smear piece about the Proud Boys because they
posted BLM chats online.
– 13:41 User ‘TheHeroJr’ quotes someone saying “BLM terrorists have infiltrated Patriot
Groups. Is your group next?”
– 13:53 John Sullivan begins posting Telegram channels of people he believes are white
supremacists, including “Nationalist News”
– 14:03 John Sullivan calls black person “nigga” and “coon”

MORE NEWS: Declas Incoming: Kash Patel Announces New Position Representing Trump At
The National Archives
– 14:05 John Sullivan says “I’m anti-fascist.”
– 14:20 John Sullivan clarifies that John Sullivan is his real name and that Jayden is his
journalist alias.
– 14:25 John Sullivan says that Rudy Giuiliani is “going to be salty when I sue his ass.”
– 14:32 John Sullivan makes plans with ‘deaththreat’ to return to D.C. for the inauguration.
– 14:56 John Sullivan posts multiple Proud Boys channels presumably to be infiltrated,
referring to them as “chud chats.”
– 15:03 User ‘deaththreat’ says “the Q guys had like 60 dudes in orange beaniesand they
kicked then cops asses even though they were letting them through almost entirely.”
– 15:13 User’ deaththreat’ says there was a small group that plotted to enter the Capitol. He
then says “We gave them that push and it worked so let’s continue on.”
– 15:17 User’ deaththreat’ says he is happy to see “Q tards” being mass banned

MORE NEWS: POLIO IS BACK! – Another BIOWEAPON! – Vaccine Related Illness? Poisoned
Water? Or Total Hoax? [VIDEO] – 15:22 User “FALCOLNDREMUS” says “Always have gear you never know when you will see
a Trumper.” User’ deaththreat responds: “Hell yeah @FALCLNDREMUS then again I don’t need
gear to knock a few pussies out. I got geared up to kick thousands of peoples asses. Flash
bangs, tear gas, smoke and many times a beating with a nice wooden baton.” He then refers to
his fellow members as “comrades.”
– 15:23 User’ deaththreat’ says “Well to be fair it’s always been an unspoken movement for
some even with antifa but that doesn’t mean we don’t organize.”
– 15:26 User ‘deaththreat’ brags “I tend to make an entrance and exit pretty easily. I am
straight tactical vest, helmet and all.” User ‘Hippie’ posts photo of cop car being destroyed in
riot, laughs about it.
– 15:28 User ‘TheHeroJr’ asks “Hey does anyone know any MAGA groups in Kansas? I’m
trying to find info on the upcoming protests in Topeka.
– 15:29 User’ deaththreat’ describes himself as 6 feet 6 inches tall. He then says “half the time
people were getting sprayed from behind and assumed it was the cops in front of them.”
– 15:32 User ‘Hippie’ says she is a felon and “I don’t hold guns unless they are being fired.”
– 15:35 John Sullivan says “I have a press pass” and calls it a “Get out of jail free card.”
– 15:56 Users joke that Ivanka and Melania Trump have Only Fans
– 16:00 User’ SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ says they “wear a post WW2 gas mask now” to
fight off tear gas
– 16:04 John Sullivan says “I’m just a journalist, so why would I be arrested?”
– 16:13 John Sullivan posts screenshots of Proud Boys Long Island Telegram who spotted
Sullivan at 1/6. Sullivan says
– 16:27 User ‘Jane B’ says “Antifa/BLM were on the ground in D.C. today. I consider anyone in
the movement a Comrade.
– 16:31 User ‘Dre (Ak Rowdy)’ says “Assley rabbit deserved to die.”
– 16:33 User ‘Hippie’ says “Ashli deserved what she got.”
– 16:44 Users celebrate Trump’s second impeachment and the idea of him not being able to
run again.
– 16:47 User ‘AkronComrade’ asks “why couldn’t those cops just grab the few agitators” on
1/6 “over gassing women and children?”
– 16:59 John Sullivan says “Fuck Donald Trump”
– 17:04 John Sullivan identifies himself leading “The March On Washington”
– 17:46 John Sullivan shares article that Rolling Stone posted about him saying “I don’t think
she deserved to die” about Ashli Babbitt
– 18:12 User ‘AkronComrade’ shares Facebook comments
– 18:16 John Sullivan shares ’24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol’ documentary from Hulu and
says it’s ‘dope’ that they used his footage, although he says he was not compensated.
– 19:03 User’ SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ shares 3 facebook events to protest police
– 19:10 User ‘bluewafflegang69′ shares tweet of “Crazy Q-Anon lady’ having meltdown during
riot” on 1/6.
– 19:24 User ‘bluewafflegang69’ shares photo of sweet grandma who was arrested during
January 6th, says “As the politicians were praising the cops for protecting them.”
– 19:40 User ‘LeMis21-Seattle’ says “my friend who went to D.C. said war is good? that’s why
he went? idk i don’t want to talk about him too much in this chat it’s not private.”
– 19:58 John Sullivan’s ‘Antifa Strike’ bot asks for donations.
– 20:06 John Sullivan says “D.C. bound. Lets see if shit gets real down there” on 1/12/21
– 20:15 John Sullivan says “I hope they find all the people who were there and lock them away
for good,” referring to 1/6
– 20:27 User ‘Kang’ shares video of 1/6 protesters allegedly beating a Capitol Police Officers,
calls them Nazis
– 21:00 User ‘LeMis21-Seattle’ says “is it bad if jaydenx is an agent provocateur? someone
told me he’s not a real antifa cause he sold out to be paid by politics.” John Sullivan responds
“Lol, I’m just there documenting the events.”
– 21:22 User’ SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ shows a picture of him in D.C. on January 6th,
giving the middle finger to the patriots around him.
– 21:38 User ‘bluewafflegang69’ shares photo he took outside of Capitol on January 6th
– 21:57 User’ SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ says “It’s funny that me and my comrades had
my vehicle surrounded by a K9 unit and 15-20 police officers. They were more interested in
arresting us for bringing a gun into D.C. over actually going after Trumpers who were at the
Capital… They couldn’t tell me what my crime was. They asked me to search the vehicle and I
said not without a warrant. Then they said because someone called them about us having
weapons that they had probable cause. Like nobody could have seen it. It was never pulled
– 22:24 User ‘LeMis21-Seattle’ shares photo of Antifa holding a sign that says “Ashli Babbitt
deserved it.”
– 22:56 John Sullivan says “I don’t think people should die. The cops should be held
accountable for not using teargas and other forms of nonlethal tactics to disperse the crowd.”
– 23:40 User ‘Bluedogsgonemad’ posts graphic of Ashli Babbitt and says to use it to appeal to
Trump supporters.
– 24:28 User’ hobbit(tucson, arizona)’ says “If Congress doesn’t have Chump arrested and
impeached, he will be here, to check on his stupid ugly wall, on Tuesday. If that happens, I will
be there. Armed. I’m done.”
– 25:47 User ‘Kang’ says “I’m spying on them.”
– 26:45 John Sullivan celebrates the mass banning of conservatives, saying “They don’t need a
platform,” and that he will “be at the next protest exposing Nazis.”
– 26:51 John Sullivan sharing more articles written about him
– 28:20 Users share concern about a public link to the discord chat being available.
– 31:32 Rudy Giuiliani’s tweets about John Sullivan
– 31:40 Millie Weaver tweets about John Sullivan
– 33:03 User ‘bluewaffle69’ shares link MPDC website. The webpage he shared is now deleted,
but he said “notice who is not on that list ;)” and “I’ve noticed msm outlets are using Jayden’s
door footage a lot. And if he’s not mentioned by name, they say, “shot by a civil rights activist.”
– 35:39 John Sullivan says “I totally understand where your coming from on this period I can
tell you that as far as being a provocateur. I am not and also I’ve never filmed blm protesters
face I’ve only filmed maga supporters and the riotous acts of the capital.”
– 35:48 John Sullivan says it was a goal of his to collect evidence and “as much counter intel
as possible,” adding “I think I definitely accomplished that.”
– 37:00 User ‘christina_md’ asks John Sullivan “why the cops moved from the door before that
person was shot? They were letting those Trumpers bang in the glass.” Sullivan responds
“Yeah couldn’t say other than they were wanting to make this a statement for people to come
back? I’m just speculating.”
– 37:16 John Sullivan says laughs about cops moving from the door when he told them to.
“Cops we’re listening to me like I was the boss. I wouldn’t trade that moment for the world.”
– 37:43 John Sullivan says “Andy Negro just tweeted about me and my arrest.”
– 38:00 John Sullivan says that he was arrested but not charged with anything (1/7)
– 38:24 User EIN posts tweet about John’s alleged activism in the past, being kicked out of
several groups for “profiteering,” “clout chasing,” “sabotage of community actions,” “threats of
violence,” and “ties to the far-right.”
– 41:54 User ‘TheHeroJr’ tells everyone “do NOT post a picture of yourself on this server ever”
– 43:30 They debate whether the shooting of peaceful protester Ashli Babbitt was justified.
– 45:10 User’ Liberty-Seattle, WA’ calls John Sullivan an imposter, says he “has ties to a far
right group in SLC”
– 45:17 Tweet shared that shows John Sullivan standing over Ashli Babbitt to film her bleeding
– 45:40 User’ Soupforthefamily – Lansing MI’ asks for help from comrades in D.C. because his
car is missing.
– 46:32 John Sullivan says “fuck that cop,” referring to Michael Byrd who shot Ashli Babbitt
– 47:07 User ‘Jane B’ says “I have a screenshot from a friend inside. Messenger would not let
me download it. We have everyone and I mean everyone. It is Trump supporters, Boogs, yellow
vest, Antifa, and more. CRAZY!!”
– 47:27 John Sullivan says “I am about to be on Anderson Cooper. Tune in”
– 47:44 User ‘Jane B’ posts “Proof Antifa and Trump Supporters together in DC Capital holding
the lines”
– 51:00 John Sullivan posts a selfie in a Trump hat, captioned “Counter Intel.”
– 51:24 User ‘Red – Grand Rapids – MI (CPUSA)’ posts selfie by naval memorial in DC.
– 52:05 User’ SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ posts DC photo, saying, “Should I blast Fuck
Donald Trump on my megaphone?”
– 52:16 User ‘AkronComrade’ asks another comrade “Are you in the bushes?”
– 53:03 John Sullivan says “Tomorrow is the big purge.
– 53:20 User ‘SoupForTheFamily – Lansing MI’ posts address of the hotel that Proud Boys
were staying at. Says he’s on his way with two other people.
– 53:27 John Sullivan asks “Hey does anyone have intel on Trump stuff?”
– 53:38 John Sullivan links to his Utah court hearing.
– 53:53 John Sullivan says “Guys if there’s any known intel please pass it along by putting it in
#counter-intel That way I can spread the information thank you comrades”
– 54:05 John Sullivan shares Insurgence USA flier to “kick fascists out of D.C. on January 6th,
– 56:40 John Sullivan shares NFAC/FHGC flier also promoting January 6th.
– 56:46 User ‘Tupelo flint’ shares flier of bus ride to January 6th and tells everyone “Let’s fill this
bus.” John Sullivan asks that it be shared under #counter-intel.