Inmate Protection Agency

Our Heart and Mission: Currently, we are aggressively in pursuit of Bill Writers for creating a Bill to be signed in Congress to form the Inmate Protection Agency committed to the quality of life of prison inmates.

Under the I.P.A ( Inmate Protection Agency ) we will ensure the health, well-being and safety as well as regular communications with family members of all prisoners detained in state and federal facilities all across the U.S. We are committed to not only ensuring peace of mind and well being to inmates but to family members of loved ones who are incarcerated. We will work to ensure protections are in place, sanitary conditions are met, medical needs are given, basic needs are supplied and proper healthy meals are served. Most importantly, we will sign in legislation a system of accountability toward Wardens and staff for the assurance of the prisoner’s safety and well-being.

We, on the font lines have witnessed and experienced appalling atrocities behind bars through our J6 defendants lives and witnessing their degrading and deliberate neglect and abuse from prison operations, depriving inmates of not only their basic needs but necessary medical needs as well.  This has caused a fire in us and a movement is underway to aggressively overhaul an unchecked prison system having no accountabilities in place.  The I.P.A. will be established.  This is a Ministry that WILL breathe in this reality.