“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;

and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.”

–  PSALM 33:12




Our Nation is a mess! Our direction is toward unity, peace and effective BALANCE for the soundness of mind and spiritual healthiness of a Nation.  Republicans and Democrats and as well as Independents have an opportunity here. Through sound biblical faith and strong conviction we are an organization that intends to bring alignment back with God.  Each year we plan to host a 7 State 3 day Revival and build a New Leadership Convention centering around the foundations and biblical priciples of integrity and the dire need to educate communites on the importance of a righteous governing body.  The NLC will raise up new kinds of leaders, establish awareness and educate the public in the condition of our Nation. This is not a one party convention. Our purpose is to vet out disingenuous
career politicians who are easily compromised and vet in hard-working, integral, principle-led Leadership. We will highlight content of character that aligns well with God’s standards and values of those who will love truth and justice and who will defend this Great Nation. These chosen leaders and potential candidates will become members of our National Convention with the idea of fostering a healthy working balance of Government aligned with our Sovereign God.  This Great Nation demands a balance of Great Leadership who are like-minded in standards and principles where unity, health,


prosperity and strength for our Nation is priority and where commitment to all of this is found on both sides of the isle.  God and Governance goes hand in hand and balance of a healthy, prospering, strong and united Nation is absolute and its health should not be compromised. We will be instrumental in rising up on
both sides of isle Republican and Democrat who have bones of integrity, honesty and loyalty in the service of God and the Nation. Republican and Democrats who stand against the corrupt establishment to which, this organization is inclined to pray against and will commit to help dismantle. It goes without  explanation that we cannot have socialist, communist and progressive elected in seats of power. They are disqualified from governing in this Nation. This is our position. The products of these roots have proven to be OPPOSED to the Constitution and the laws of the land, destructive, reckless, and just upside down crazy. Though we
hope and pray for their salvation and their hearts and ears turned to God – we do not see the Lord’s favor in any of their positions. We leave them to themselves to make their own way. While our positions are not with them our hearts in Christ are and EVERYONE is welcome to come to Revival and Convention. It is our position that everyone should experience God! With God all things are possible and He always wins!


Inspired By Christ & Patriotism

We seek to ignite a Christian Revival restoring our God-given rights in the United States through prayer, good deeds, and community.  We welcome you to join our movement to renew the covenant our founding fathers made placing the foundation of our Nation solely on faith in God.

Our Mission is to bring life, petition the gift of faith, resurrect a spiritual renewal, and grow unwavering faithful believers. Those believers will move and shake the foundations of this world with God’s Love and the soundness of His Word.

We are committed to the Lord’s mission and plan in bringing people to Christ and sharing God’s Word and His truth bringing light and Life into the hearts of others.  We plan to teach the power and authority of Christ at every age level. Our hearts are for raising up Academies and building uo leaders on all four levels of education. We have the blueprints. We just need people who God calls to the same mind and spirit in this mission. Hallelujah and Amen!

We believe Jesus Is Lord and the King of Glory! He is our Salvation, the Way and the Life.  We have a Blood Covenant wih God through His Son Jesus Christ. We honor the indwelling of the Holy Spiirt in us.  We stand and live on God’s Word and uphold His principles and values. We are grateful to Him and thankful for His son who was slain on our behalf to bear our sins on the cross. We are blessed and redeemed by His deatth, His resurrection and through Him we are made alive In
Christ for all eternity. Through Grace we are saved. Hallelujah!

  • Intensive Prayer – we know that the power of prayer can save our country.

  • Good Deeds – we seek to help those in need, particularly our J6 political prisoners and their families.

  • Community – we seek to grow our community through prayer, events, and fellowship.

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