Are you Susceptible to Confirmation Bias? THIS J6 VIDEO WILL TEST YOU.

Published September 24, 2022 6 Views

I PROVIDED the start time to the video below.
But check this out first:

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I think most police officers and prosecutors are well intended, but we’re all susceptible to confirmation bias.
There have been many questions about Ray Epps involvement that day as well as the FBI, and other assets playing a role. If that’s true, then we should think more about individuals and the roles that they could have played. Because there are certain individuals that seemed to have had a job to do that day. It’s not hard to see, we just can’t be one sided and have an honest look at everything.

THIS VIDEO IS A SMALL CLIP from a video analysis that will be released next. As of now there will be a total of 3 videos taken from the 37 minutes of video evidence that M5 News has put together. These videos will be shown “The New Prisoners Podcast”

If you don’t want to listen to my message, that’s fine.
4:51 for the video

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